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Different Types of Door Locks

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Different Types of Door Locks

Securing your home or your commercial property usually starts with locking your doors. Without proper, robust locks, your property is vulnerable to break-ins, which is why it’s important to know about the different types of locks available on the market.

This month, we’ll guide you through the different types of door locks, how they work and what the benefits are so that you can feel confident in choosing the right lock type to suit your home or building.

Cylinder Locks

Cylinder door lock

Sometimes known as pin cylinder locks, these use a keyhole on the outside of the door and a thumb turn latch internally. The keyhole uses a number of pins with differing lengths, meaning you need the right key to gain entry. This lock type has the benefit of being easy to re-key with a new cylinder if required, without changing the entirety of the hardware on your door. 

Double cylinder locks (euro locks) have a keyhole on both sides of the door, meaning you need a key to get in or out. This increases security since someone can’t gain access by reaching in to use the thumb turn via a broken window or a letterbox.



A deadlock gets its name from the fact that once the key has turned the lock fully, the bolt locks into place and cannot be prised back without the key. For this functionality to work, you have to have turned the key fully, otherwise, it can easily be reversed as it won’t be trapped in position. The singular bolt in use also means this lock type is sometimes referred to as a “deadbolt”. 




Simple automatic deadlatch locks are common for many homes and businesses and usually allow for locking from the inside via a keyhole on the thumb turn latch. This means you can use a key to gain entry but don’t need to lock the latch in place once you come inside unless you want to. The mechanism simply connects the door into the frame or component on the other side, catching in a pre-cut hole once closed.

These are sometimes referred to as Yale locks due to the popularity of the brand most famous for producing this lock type.


Mortice Locks

Mortice lock

Mortice locks come in a number of forms depending on the number of levers (usually between 2 and 7). The locking system itself sits within the door, while the solid, rectangular bolt is turned into a pre-cut hole in the door frame where the strike plate is fitted. These locks are popular because of the strength offered by increasing the number of levels, but because they also remove the requirements for any parts to be fitted to the back of the door as with latches.


Euro Locks

Euro lock

A euro lock is essentially a type of cylinder lock, with two faces to the lock, one for inside and one for outside. Only one key can be used at any given time and they are popular for uPVC doors on many homes up and down the country. These locks are designed to prevent lock snapping and therefore provide greater security.


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Can I Fit A Door Lock Myself?

In theory, yes, it is possible to fit a door lock yourself. But you’ll need the right tools and knowledge to fit a lock properly, regardless of which type of lock you choose. It’s always recommended you hire a professional lock fitter, such as the team here at Lock & Key Centre. This can help you maintain any warranties and insurance you have in place, as some providers may void your insurance if locks have not been properly secured by a professional. 

Many insurance companies will ask if your locks are compliant with BS3621, as this is the British standard applied and is accompanied by the Kitemark logo. Alternatively, for multi-point locking doors, PAS3621 is the equivalent standard of design quality.

Here at Lock & Key Centre, our expert team can help you with any of your door lock needs. Whether you need to replace any type of door lock or would like advice on the best type of lock for your property, we have the skills, the tools and the industry knowledge to help you increase security through your doors. Please note that we only install locks we have supplied in order to ensure the highest levels of security are maintained and controlled. We do not fit locks from another source as we cannot guarantee quality or security. 

Call today for a quote or to book a visit from one of our Master Locksmiths-approved team in Aylesbury, Milton Keynes and Buckinghamshire.

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