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How To Fix a Key Stuck in a Lock

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How To Fix a Key Stuck in a Lock

Faced with a key stuck in a lock? It’s never nice, causing frustration and delay to your day when you’re least expecting it. When your key has become stuck in the lock, you should always call in professionals. For more information on how to fix a key stuck in a lock, take a look at the handy guide we’ve created to help you find the right solution.

Locksmith fixing key stuck in lock

Why do keys get stuck in locks?

There are numerous reasons why you could end up finding your key stuck in the lock, refusing to turn or pull back out. Here are just a few of the common reasons it happens:

  • Key is worn – this means the key might go in but may get lodged
  • Key has been poorly cut – sometimes a new key can get stuck because of how poorly the teeth have been cut
  • Using the wrong key – a classic mistake that can damage both the key and the lock
  • Lock fails – sometimes it’s the fault of the lock itself which can trap the key
  • Improper use of lock – if you turn a key the wrong way, or turn it when you’re not supposed to, this could alter the shape of the key and create a jam


Try these basic things first

There is always a temptation to panic when you think the key is stuck in the lock or if it won’t turn. But a calm head is required while you try a few things first to see if the issue is temporary or more serious. Take a look at these tips and remember not to use force in any direction to help avoid making the situation worse:

Lubricant – spray some lubricant on the lock and give the key a gentle wiggle to see if it will slide loose

Ice – on a really hot day, it might just be that that the key or the lock has expanded try and cool it with ice to see if things will contract, allowing you to remove the key

Hold the lock – keeping the lock still while you gently try to jiggle the key loose could help stabilise the internal mechanism

These are a few tips for removing a key from a stuck lock, but the best advice you can take is to get help from a professional locksmith. Plus, regardless of whether these tips work or not, you’ll still want to call a locksmith anyway to help avoid your key getting stuck again as the issue is bound to repeat itself if left without action taken.


Can a locksmith remove a key stuck in a lock?

The answer here is a resounding yes. With all the experience, tools and training, there is no one better to help you dislodge a key from a lock. At Lock & Key Centre, we’re approved by both the Master Locksmith Association and the Auto Locksmith Association, so you know there’s no job too big or small for us.

When you call in the professionals, there are three main benefits:

  1. The problem is solved quicker – this way you can get on with your day again as quickly as possible
  2. Less likely to cause damage – whereas most people might damage the lock or the door, professionals know exactly how to handle the components involved 
  3. More likely to find a simple solution – you might find yourself having to replace your door if you do too much damage, whereas a locksmith might be able to remedy the situation without the need to replace too many components


Dos and don’ts when your key gets stuck

Key stuck in the lock when the doors unlocked? Or maybe the key is stuck in the lock and won’t turn? Whatever the situation, here are some dos and don’ts you should follow to help get things solved quickly:

Do call professional locksmiths to help resolve the issue

Do leave the key alone if you’ve been unable to remove it normally

Don’t lose your patience and use force — it could make matters worse

Don’t try to take apart the lock on your door as it may then be beyond salvaging


How long does it take to remove a key stuck in a lock?

There’s no telling how long it might take if you try and tackle it yourself, but a professional locksmith should get the job done in roughly 20 minutes, depending on how complex the lock is and how badly the key has become lodged.

Locksmith van

Whether you’ve got a key stuck in a door lock, you require lock repairs or you just need replacement locks for your property, at Lock & Key Centre we’re here as master locksmiths to help when you need us most. We’ve served the communities across Aylesbury, Milton Keynes and Buckinghamshire for over 40 years and continue to bring swift, qualified and reliable locksmith services to homeowners and businesses in the region.

Contact us today if you have any lock issues with your home or vehicle. 

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